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Year 3 computing focus day:

Year 3’s computing focus day has been a success! The children from each class took part in a carousel of activities ran by Mark Lloyd, Mrs Nash and Miss Gibson.

Workshop 1- Mark Lloyd- Sphero Minis

Children worked together to problem solve the coloured mats for their robot. They had to find the fastest route for their robot to get from one place to the other!

“I learned that the different coloured mats make the robot do different things. We used some maths because we were using turns and right angles. I used four blue tiles to make my robot turn 360 degrees!”

Workshop 2- Jam Sandwich algorithm- Mrs Nash.

In this workshop, children revisited algorithms and were introduced to debugging through creating a jam sandwich! Children had to write clear, concise steps for their algorithm, debugging any errors in the hopes that they could get Mrs Nash to run their algorithm and successfully make a jam sandwich!

“We found that it was quite tricky to remember all the steps- when you’re a human you know when someone says “pick up knife with left hand” that we pick it up near the bottom, but Mrs Nash picked up ours by the top! So we had to debug and get her to run our algorithm again, it’s all about fixing problems and trying again so you have to be resilient!”.

Workshop 3- Summer Fayre posters- Miss Gibson

This workshop involved using publisher to design and create posters for our upcoming school Summer Fayre, ran by Miss Birch and the PTA. The children were very creative with their designs!

“Miss Birch and Miss Gibson gave us a special job of designing the actual posters for advertising the school fayre in a few week. It was fun using publisher and I learned that you can use templates for flyers rather than having to make everything from the start of a blank sheet. We had to make sure we put in all the information because we didn’t want someone turning up on the wrong day or time!”