Fulwell Junior School operates a three form entry system; the main September intake into Year 3 includes children from our feeder school, Fulwell Infants, but parents can apply to transfer their child to us at any stage of the school year. Sunderland Local Authority do not operate a catchment area system and we therefore cannot discriminate against a pupil admission on the basis of their location to the school; all parents have a right to apply for a school place with us.

The City of Sunderland Admissions Team are on hand to provide advice to parents on all aspects of the admission process. The link below will direct you to their contact page:-


If your child attends a school within the Sunderland Authority and you would like to transfer them to Fulwell Junior School, there is a protocol to follow before the move can be approved. In the first instance, you should meet with the Head Teacher of the school your child is transferring from to advise that you are considering the move. You will be required to complete and sign a Pupil Transfer Notice, which will also be signed by the Head Teacher. This form will then be sent to the Admissions Team for processing. In the mean time, you are advised to make an appointment to meet with Mr. Speck to discuss your child's move and receive our own transition information. This will enable you to make an informed decision as to whether we are the right school for your child. The Admissions Team will be able to verify whether there are spaces in the Year group and you will be advised by them, in liaison with ourselves, as to when the transfer can take place.

In all instances, we request the School Admission form is completed if your child has never attended Fulwell Junior School as it covers all permissions and information you may need to know. You may download a copy of the form by clicking the link:-

Admissions and Contact Form

If your child currently attends school, and you wish to make any changes to your current details, the standard Contact Form is also available for download on the 'Useful Forms for Download' page.

The Admissions Criteria

The document below sets out clearly what the schools admissions criteria is and on what basis admissions are arranged:

Admissions Statement Academic

Published Admission Numbers (PAN)

Year 3 90

Year 4 90

Year 5 90

Year 6 90

Right to Appeal

The school adhere totally to the protocols of the PAN; it is set at a level that best ensures the delivery of quality teaching for all children. To exceed the limits would only have a detrimental impact on this delivery. If you apply for a place at Fulwell Junior School for your child, and the Year Group you require is oversubscribed, you will be informed of this by us at the first point of contact. If, however, you still wish to pursue the possibility of transferring your child to us, there is an appeals process in operation that you may choose to follow. However, the Governing Body have a clear Statement of Intent regarding admission appeals, which parents may wish to review before making a decision to appeal. Copy is available HERE

Further advice can be sought by contacting the City of Sunderland School Admission Team on:

0191 5611399



Waiting Lists

Where an appeal is heard and is unsuccessful, parents may request to be held on a waiting list so that they are informed when the next vacancy arises on roll. The list is held by the School Admissions Team, and they would therefore be the first point of contact in such instances.