The members of the Governing Board are elected for a period of 4 years.

Our current Constitution as of November 2022  is made up of the following personnel:

Local Authority (LA) Governor = 1

Parent Governors = 3

Staff Governors = 2 (Head Teacher by virtue of Office and one other)

Co-Opted (formerly Community Governors) Governors: 6 (Deputy Head also Co-Opted) 

Who Appoints the Governor Categories?

Local Authority Governors are appointed by the Governing Board

Co-Opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Board

Parent Governors are elected by Parental ballot

Staff Governors are elected by Staff ballot

The Head Teacher is an automatic appointment. Associate Members/Invitees are allowed to attend as they provide valuable support to key elements of Governance.

The table below provides the details of each individual member, when they were appointed, what they are responsible for and the Committees they preside on. If you ever need to contact any member of the Governing Body, you can do so by writing to the school or e-mailing; we will ensure all correspondence is passed on.

Name & Role

Responsibilities and Committees

Mr Ben Young


Chair of Governors



Appointed: Autumn Term 2021

Link Governor for Child Protection & Safeguarding

Resources Committee 

Performance Management Governor for Head Teacher Appraisal

Mr Paul Bevan


Vice Chair



Appointed: Spring Term 2023

Link Governor for Inclusion including SEN

Chair of Resources Committee

Academy Working Party Committee

Mrs Lucy Hill




Deputy Head Teacher & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Appointed: Spring Term 22

Academy Working Party Committee

Resources Committee (Finance & Premises Only)

Mr Peter Speck

Staff Governor : Head Teacher

Head Teacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead


Appointed: Autumn Term 2018

Resources Committee

Academy Working Party Committee

Mrs Maria Bankhead


Staff Governor 


Appointed: Spring Term 2024

Mr David Mitchell


Appointed: Autumn Term 2022

Link Governor for Careers/ PSHE

Challenge/ Scrutiny Committee

Mr Ben Middleton

Parent Governor

Appointed: Spring Term 2024

Link Governor for Pupil Premium

Mrs L Cook


Parent Governor


Appointed: Autumn Term 2021

Link Governor for STEM/Creative

Challenge/ Scrutiny Committee

Mr Barry Huitson


Co-Opted Governor

Appointed: Summer Term 2022

Link Governor for Finance

Resources Committee 

Mr Daniel Suddick




Appointed: Autumn Term 2024

Link Governor to Creative Arts

Chair of Challenge/ Scrutiny Committee

Mr David Marshall

Parent Governor

Appointed: Spring Term 2024



Cllr. J McKeith


Local Authority Representative Governor


Appointed: Autumn Term 2023

Term of Office – all four years unless otherwise stated.

What do Governors do?

  • They appoint staff to the school and are involved in their professional development
  • They are responsible for the general conduct and curriculum of the school
  • They consider cases of pupils who are permanently excluded from the school
  • They approve the school's annual budget plan
  • They provide information for parents, the Local Authority and OFSTED inspectors
  • They determine what goes on in the school building after hours
  • They ensure all policies, procedures and standards as set out by the LA and the DfE are adopted in school

How do they do it?

  • They meet formally as a full Governing Board at least once per term. At the termly meeting, discussion is held regarding information from the Local Authority. This may be for information, consultation, action or decision. School based issues are also considered.
  • Collectively, the Governors have a wide range of interests, skills and expertise. There are a number of committees: the Resources Committee and Standards & Curriculum Committee are the main ones but there are several smaller committees which play an equally important role.
  • Governors visit the school as often as they can in term time. They attend functions and often have opportunities to meet children and parents.
  • If you have anything you would like to say to the Governing Board, they can be contacted via the school office.

Parent Governors:

  1. Have a child at school at the time of election
  2. Are elected by parents of the school
  3. Serve, as do other Governors, for a period of four years
  4. Why are Parents on the Governing Board:

Parent Governors bring the view of the parents to the Governing Board, but they speak and act as individuals. They should not be thought of as delegates or 'mouth pieces' of the parents, they do not vote for all parents in general. They have equal status and voting rights in the work of the Governing Body.

How can I become a Governor?

You, as a parent, elect Parent Governors for a four year period. Details of election procedures will be sent to all parents when vacancies on the Board arise. All parents therefore have an opportunity to stand for election if they are interested in doing so.

Annual declarations of business interests & related party transactions

It is a condition of Governance that all serving members of the Governing Board conduct their term of office in full acceptance of the School Governance (Roles, Procedures & Allowances)(England) Regulations 2013 whereby any business, pecuniary or material interests must be declared. For financial transparency, this information is available to peruse from the links below. 


Governors Supporting Information