We are looking forward to our forthcoming residential week at Derwent Hill! Let's hope we get some glorious sunshine as there is really nowhere better in the country on a lovely day!

Parents Planning Meetings:

Thank you to those of you who attended the recent parents information sessions in the school hall. Miss Birch has shared the PowerPoint that was used in that presentation so click the link below to access the essential information discussed:

Presentation - Parents Information Session Tues 18th May

Payment Deadlines: All balances need to besettled in full by 11th June.

Consent Forms & Medical Information

Can we request the four page consent form along with the Behaviour Statement and Covid-19 Statement are returned to the school office as soon as possible. If you need to inform us of any medical treatments your child will need to take while at Derwent Hill, please ensure we have the full information and associated medicine handed in to us no later than the Wednesday before departure.

Earlier Information

Indvidual Parent Meetings for SEND/Vulnerable Children:

Some parents will be invited in to school to meet one-to-one with us to discuss more specific arrangements for their child. These will be scheduled for week commencing 24th May and you will be contacted seperately if it applies to you and your child.

Helpful information...

What NOT to bring:

  • Mobile phones/iPads/electrical devices/cameras are not allowed AT ALL
  • Fit bits or watches
  • Jewellery : Please remove all ear-rings as they are a snagging risk for ropes/helmets
  • Sweets or other food
  • Hair dryers/beauty equipment

What we CAN bring:

  • A small toy or comfort from home that children can keep in their dormitory (please don't pack anything of significant sentimental value if there is a risk of damage or loss, however we appreciate some chidlren may want a soft toy for bedtime etc.)
  • A labelled packed lunch box and drinks bottle (ESSENTIAL ITEMS)
  • A small torch
  • Plenty of small change for the pool table/games room
  • A small commodity of pocket money - no more than £10 please.

Supporting Forms & Information