Image of What have we been learning? October 2022

Year 3

Over the past couple of weeks, year 3 have been working their socks off to be the best that they can be. In English, we have written our own version of Hansel and Gretel but with a twist. We had children who found a lego house, a mansion and even an underwater city in the forest instead of the witch’s cottage. In maths, we have been learning more of our times tables and all three classes are in a fierce battle on tt rockstars to the best in order to receive a special treat. In history, the children have began to learn about the Stone Age and what life was like in the three different periods. Finally, in geography the children have been learning about the UK. We have been using atlases to gain an understanding of where we are, counties around the country and looking at different flags.


Year 4

Year 4 have had such an exciting couple of weeks. We had our first Money Matters lesson of the year, where we talked about different ways we can use our money. We even know that, if we save our money in a bank, we can earn interest and end up with a little more money that we started with! In Geography, we have been getting to know our place in the world better.  We explored physical and human features of Sunderland, and we were amazed to discover some really interesting facts! Did you know that Sunderland only became a city in 1992, and our river, the River Wear, also runs through another city - Durham. In science, we have been developing our scientific understanding of the wheel by building vehicles out of Meccano – which is not as easy as it looks!



Year 5

Year 5 have continued to make a fantastic start to the academic year. In English, we have been writing our narrative based on our book Way Home. We have been developing our trial and improvement skills to problem solve in Maths. We have celebrated National Poetry Day during our reading lessons this week and have continued to read Street Child too. In Geography, we have been learning more about North America, identifying countries using an atlas and exploring geographical features such as Death Valley. We have been improving our dancing in PE with the support of our dance coach. In Science, we have been investigating whether adding weight to our ‘cars’ would affect its speed. We have been learning about interest and all about how banks make money during Money Matters lessons. In PSHE we have continued our work on friendships, looking at what positive and negative friendships look like. During French we have been learning how to greet each other and how to explain how we are feeling. In History we have continued learning about the Anglo Saxons, our favourite lesson so far has been about the famous burial at Sutton Hoo. We looked at some of the artefacts found there to work out that it was a king buried there.


Year 6

In Year 6, we have studied the terrain of South America, as well as studying Maya towns and how they were fabulous craftspeople and architects. Science has been outstanding in the development of KNex: making wheels. In Maths there has been some fantastic problem solving, as well as developing our knowledge of numbers (prime, square, cubed, factors, multiples). English has seen the children write biographies and write passive sentences.  We have read poems by Robert Louis Stephenson and looked at how writers 'sketch' with words to create images. The photos show an amazing visit from the RAF, looking at careers in the forces and aviation.


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