On Friday 8th July, we had our annual sports day at the infants field!

After a couple of years without it, the sun shone and it was wonderful to be back and having a day full of fun, teamwork and resilience. Wow, did our children deliver!

All the teachers from upper and lower phase were bowled over with the incredible attitude of our children, their team spirit and the support from our parents. 

A special well done to the children who won our sprint final races. 

Year 3 and 4 girls: 

1st - Amelia

2nd - Annabella H

3rd - Ava


Year 3 and 4 boys: 

1st - Orishe 

2nd - Oliver 

3rd - Gabriel


Year 5 and 6 girls:

1st - Katie

2nd - Dora

3rd - Lucy V


Year 5 and 6 boys: 

1st - Riley 

2nd - Will

3rd - James H


Check out some of our photos below: