Welcome back to the new Autumn term. We are keen to give as much support to our children as we can to catch up the teaching and learning provision they have lost since lockdown and hope to provide a diverse and engaging home work and home learning programme to assist in this.

Parents should note our main methods of communicating homework tasks, particularly in light of our restrictions around resources travelling to/from school. In the main, homework will be notified to you via the 'Marvellous Me' parental engagement platform, so if you are yet to sign up to the app, we suggest you do so without further delay. Contact the office if you need any further assistance with this. Our most popular homework platforms are:

  • My Maths
  • TT Rock Stars
  • Oxford Owl
  • Fiction Express (NEW)


We are launching a whole new scheme of work for raising standards in reading and children have had year group assemblies this week to introduce them to the topics and websites we will be encouraging them to access. To this end, we have compiled a detailed READING AT HOME (click the link) document that sets out the plan of study and how children can access their own website account for our support programmes 'Fiction Express' and 'Oxford Owl'.

Reading at Home for Parents

Children have been given their new log-in codes for MyMaths and Fiction Express, which we are re-launching as a superb literary resource. Please take a moment to read the 'Reading at Home' guide for our full plans and how to best support your child with their home learning tasks this term. 


There will be children currently absent from school through no fault of their own as a sibling, parent or other household member has had to self-isolate due to Covid-19 circumstances. This is usually where the child or individual is waiting for the results of a Covid-19 test.

Parents are, rightly so, requesting what to do about the school work missed throughout this period. We have therefore confirmed a clear homework delivery plan:

  1. If a child is poorly and cannot attend school  OR they are on unauthorised family holiday: No homework tasks will be set – the absence will be viewed as a standard absence and children will just catch up when they return to school.
  2. If a child is self-isolating but NOT poorly: The class teacher will contact parents within 48 hours via Marvellous Me to advise what home working tasks should be completed during the absence period.
  3. If a child is self-isolating/quarantined as they have returned from a holiday abroad and the Government guidance dictates a quarantine period: As point 2 above – the class teacher will be in touch to set work.