What a phenomenal start year 6 have made to their FINAL year at Fulwell Junior School! From the magnificent Mayans in history to the sunny continent of South America, year 6 have been discovering so much in their learning. 

Imogen from class 11 said 'I have enjoyed flying the kites and learning about the book in our Take Flight project. I have also loved all the art work we have done too. I have learnt more about sense of duty and responsibility and that has helped to become a house captain for Penshaw.'

Poppy from class 12 said 'I loved making the kites! It was a hands on experience and I loved that we got to create it! I have got better at working in a team because I used to be independent and do a lot of my own but I like to get more involved now. I also have a prompt card which helps with my confidence.'  

Phoebe from class 10 said 'I loved writing our biographies and autobiographies in English because it was fun to tell people about our lives. I also loved our Take Flight project and lino cutting because I have learnt new skills in art. Since starting year 6, I have become more resilient because I haven't given up if I have found something tricky and I have also discovered new things through the optional homework.'

Jack from class 12 said 'I really enjoyed having the falconer come because I saw birds I had never seen before and I got the opportunity to hold one. I have discovered so much because I have learnt new species of birds and I never knew about the four forces of flight!' 

Tia from class 12 said 'I loved making my own rockets and gliders because it was something that I actually made and produced which could fly. I knew that there were four forces of flight but I now have a more detailed understanding.'

Oliver from class 10 said 'I enjoyed being part of the falconer display and I have discovered lots of new things in our project including facts about Leonardo Di Vinci'.