Year 5 have made a terrific start to their year with their enthusiasm for learning and their fantastic respect! From reading the fantastic story of 'Street Child' in English to their development of scientific enquiry, we really have a wonderful group of children in our upper school! 

Lucas from class 9 said 'I enjoyed making the kites, it was really fun tying the knots and learning things that I never have before. In year 5, I have improved in my endeavour to work really hard. My writing has got loads better!' 

Grace from class 9 said 'I really liked being the kite master in my class and helping people. I did have to have a lot of resilience though because it was quite tricky!' 

Lenny from class 7 said 'I really liked it when the pilot from Jet 2 came in to speak to use because I have always liked planes but he has inspired me to be a pilot when I am older. I think my teamwork has got better because I make sure that everyone in my team has a chance to speak and share their ideas.' 

Evelyn from class 8 said 'I loved flying the kites, it was really fun to make something with my friends! I have improved in my confidence in year 5 because I read a poem out to my whole class which I have been nervous to do before.'

James from class 7 said 'I enjoyed making the kites because I loved seeing everyone together and making something different that you can use in real life. This helped with my resilience because when I used to make things, I would give up if it didn't work but now I keep trying.'