Year 4 have been simply super stars this term! They have been superb scientists, great geographers and enthusiastic Egyptologists! 

Natalia from class 4 said 'I have enjoyed learning about the Egyptians in history because it has been interesting learning about King Tutankhamun and discovering how the pyramids were made. I have got more confidence in year 4 because I now read my work aloud in English and I didn't do that before.'


Travis from class 6 said 'I like how we have been doing work in our DT books because I am interested in design and technology! I have improved in my resilience because I am normally not patient but I tell myself and my friends to keep going!'


Rosie from class 5 said 'In year 4, I have enjoyed sketching the birds and printing our tiles because it was fun to do and I have never learnt how to print before. I have got better at teamwork because we do a lot of it in year 4. It is good to share and value good ideas.'


Oscar in class 4 said 'I loved making the kites because it was fun to fly them and I enjoyed attaching all the parts together! My teacher has said I show real endeavour because I am finishing my work and working really hard.'


Georgia in class 4 said 'I really like my maths lessons because I am getting better at my times tables. I have discovered lots of new things in year 4 including how to design and make my very own kite!'


I know I have made a big improvement with my handwriting. Yellow highlighter in my books has helped with the size and spacing of my letters

Daniel Taylor. Class 4.




Since Christmas I have enjoyed learning about electricity because when I grow up I want to be an electrical engineer.

Ted Laing. Class 4.