What an amazing year 3 have made in Fulwell Junior School! They have delved straight into their learning with such enthusiasm and have adapted to school life with ease! From becoming fluent in their newly learnt French phrases to developing their musical ears learning about pitch, they really have become FJS super stars!!

Emma from class 2 says 'I have loved maths in year 3 because I like the harder sums and getting onto challenges! I think my resilience has got better because in the infants, I sometimes gave up on my writing but I don't do that anymore.'

Jay from class 3 says ' Since Christmas, I have been enjoying maths because it is fun and I like measuring. I think my resilience has got better in English and I have made lots of progress in science.'

Xanthe from class 3 says 'My favourite lesson is history because it's very interesting to learn about our ancient ancestors and I think my teamwork skills have got better, especially in computing.'